Tournament Regulations





The Mitropa Cup 2009 is organized by Chess Federation of Slovenia to give contribute to development and popularization of chess in Slovenia.

The tournament will be organized with two separate sections, men's section and women's section.

The Mitropa Cup 2009 is taking place at Hotel Sava in Rogaška Slatina from May 9th till May 17th and is played by FIDE Rules.


In the Mitropa Cup 2009 the following National Federations teams are taking part:

Men's section: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and Slovenia,

Women's section: Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia A and Slovenia B.



Each federation is represented by a team of four players and one reserve for men's section and two women players and one reserve for women’s section and one team captain.

The overall Team list of 5 players for men’s section and 3 women players for women’s section was sent to Chess federation of Slovenia till April 10th.

The order of the players, as indicated by the overall team list, cannot be altered, hence reserves may play on the bottom boards only.

If the board order in which a team plays differs from the board order of its overall list, the team's score for that round shall be reduced by one game point for every deviation from the correct sequence. The use of any player who does not figure in the overall list will cause the round to be forfeited 4:0.



The team captain shall present to the arbiter (or deputy arbiter) the specific list, in board order, of the 4 players and 2 women players who are to play in this round  (till 10,oo a.m. and 11,oo p.m. for the last round).

If any specific team list is not presented on time, the team in question must play the round using the top four (or the top two) players (or women players) of the team.


The Mitropa Cup 2009 is played by FIDE Rules, nine rounds (only seven rounds for women teams), Team Round Robin system.



The meeting of captains and drawing of lots will take place in playing hall at Hotel Sava at 11,oo a.m. on May 9th 2009. At the meeting of captains the tournament regulations will be signed and announced.

The opening ceremony will take place in playing hall at Hotel Sava at 3,30 p.m. on May 9th 2009.






Playing time is 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds increment after each move starting form the first move.

Both score sheets with noted game must be given to the arbiter by winning player or his team captain or in case of draw by the player with white pieces or his captain.



Time schedule:

Arrival                             May  9th   2009

Opening ceremony           May   9th  2009        at 3,30  p.m.

1st round                         May  9th   2009       at 4,00  p.m.

2nd round                        May 10th 2009        at 4,00  p.m.

3rd round                        May  11th 2009       at 4,00 p.m.

4th round                         May 12th 2009        at 4,00 p.m.

5th round                         May 13th 2009        at 4,00 p.m., women free

6th round                         May 14th 2009        at 4,00 p.m.

7th round                         May 15th 2009        at 4,00 p.m.

8th round                         May 16th  2009       at 4,00 p.m.

9th round                       May 17th 2009        at 9,00 a.m., women free

Closing ceremony            May 17th 2009         at 3,00 p.m.

Departure                        May 17th 2009        afternoon


The closing ceremony will be on May 17th at 3,00 in the playing hall.


The following criteria are decisive for better rank of the team:

-         points,

-         match points,

-         scores against team with the same score,

-         scores with teams with more than 50% of points,

-         better score on 1st, 2nd …. board.


The following criteria are decisive for better board rank of players:

-         percent (%),

-         average rating of opponents.



The Chief arbiter of the Mitropa Cup 2009 is Mr. Janko Bohak, international arbiter Fide, his deputy is Mr. Marjan Drobne, arbiter Fide.

The members of appeals committee are:  Chairman GM Georg Mohr (SLO), members: GM Jan Plachetka (SVK), GM Uwe Boensch (GER), WGM Elena Sedina (ITA) and  WIM Vlasta Maček (CRO).



Written appeal with charge of 100 Euros is acceptable till 1 hour after arbiter’s decision. If the appeal is resolved in teams good then the charge is returned and the arbiter decision overruled. Decision of the appeals committee is final.


Rogaška Slatina, May 9th 2009





President of  Chess Federation of Slovenia                                      Chief Arbiter

Milan Kneževič, IA                                                                          Janko Bohak , IA




Appeals committee:                                                                          Deputy

                                                                                                       Marjan Drobne, arbiter Fide


Georg Mohr (SLO)




Jan Plachetka (SVK)




Uwe Boensch (GER) 




Elena Sedina (ITA)




Vlasta Maček (CRO)